Being Aware of What You Eat and Why


A food diary is one of the most vital tools in weight loss. When clients come to me I always ask them to keep a food diary certainly in the first few months, not just of what they are eating but how they are feeling when they eat. It's very important to keep a record so that we can become aware of what's going on.

It may seem like a chore at first but it is a small task if you are serious about losing weight.

Often times clients tell me that they can remember what they have eaten, but I find this is not really possible, especially over a week. I keep a food diary myself if I feel I have gained a few pounds and I know that if I leave it more than one day, it's impossible to be accurate about what I ate and certainly about how I felt.

When we are over weight and emotionally attached to food, we eat mechanically, turning to food for all sorts of reasons but not checking what those reasons are. By documenting honestly what we eat and why, we start to learn to become aware of what is happening with us and it is vital to know this before we even start to do something about it.

When my client's get into the Don't Say Diet weight loss programme, they can look back over their food diary which will tell them where they went wrong if they didn't lose weight one week and they can often duplicate what they ate on successful weight loss weeks.

So when if you want to lose weight, start by becoming aware of your habits around food and get writing. :)

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