A New Start - Being Human


I haven't written a blog for a while but it's 1st September, a new month and a chance to change those old habits.

I know we all use 1st of January to make our new year resolutions and to start diets and thats great, but I always think of September as a new start and I kind of like it better. The weather is still good, the nights are still quite light and the season is only just turning. It's a good time to start thinking of the changes you want to make to yourself before Christmas arrives and we all get too busy.

For me this summer seems to have been an endless stream of celebrations, get togethers, and meals out. I've missed many of my zumba and exercise classes and eaten calorie laden food, enjoyed it all immensely and have gained half a stone in three months. Not the way to go you may think if I am supposed to be helping you to lose weight :) However I wanted to point out that we are all human, including me. It's great to think that once you embark on something that you stick with it throughout, but in reality that doesn't always happen. Don't Say Diet is a journey, we are learning all the time. I let myself go, but I chose to do so. I realised that I was heading for weight gain, but I decided that for a short time, that was OK. I didn't go completely wild and aim to gain weight because I didn't feel deprived (that is diet mentality) but I chose to eat more than I normally would and to miss some of my classes. I knew where this would lead and allowed myself this time out and because of that I didn't feel any guilt or self loathing.

I know that I will get back on track starting today. I feel ready to change back my habits, to be more mindful of what I eat and to step up those classes.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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