Holidays are usually the time when we really try hard to get into shape so that we feel good when we have more of our bodies on display, but we tend to go wild with food once there, eating like mad and coming home heavier than before we left. I was told by one of my successful clients who went on a two week cruise that some people took two sizes of clothes with them, one for the first week and one for the second. It's amazing that we expect to put weight on when we go away. Why is that?

Is it because when we diet before a holiday we are cutting out things we love and therefore when we get away, we eat them in abundance? Or is it because we want to gorge ourselves on everything like we are never going to eat lovely food again once we get home? Do we really love overeating that much that we decide we are going to give up our dream of being slim?

It does seem like a never ending cycle, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine if by the time you went on holiday you didn't even care that much about food, you didn't feel the need to gorge, you just ate sensibly, left food on your plate and just enjoyed the holiday without guilt or shame or worry about how much weight you would have put on. Imagine what it would be like to not expect to put weight on when on holiday.

This can be you, but you need to give up dieting and the way dieting has made you think and feel. Don't Say Diet can help you to change your outlook, reset your habits and feelings around food and put you in control.

Sue Ing-Simmons
I think it has more to do with portion control. When we are on holiday someone else controls how much food we put on our plate and most of us have been brought up not to 'waste' food. When it is hot we are also inclined on holiday to consume more fizzy, sugar-laden drinks instead of water and don't forget ice creams. And I suspect alcohol may be consumed slightly more enthusiastically!!
I doubt very much that one thing is to blame, or that people are inclined to become overly greedy on holiday but add in the 'little' extras that we barely notice and the weight creeps back on without us even noticing.
The sort of holidays we take usually involve us doing more energetic things than usual, too - more walking, dancing and so on - which make us hungrier and lull us into a false sense of security that because we're more active, we'll get away with those little extras.
Just my opinion.

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