Never be Ashamed


Did I say that its OK to put weight on during your Don't Say Diet journey? Well I should have.

I say that Don't Say Diet is not a diet because it isn't, you won't need to change what you put in your food shopping basket each week, no supplements, no diet labelled products, no deprivation etc. The reason being that its not about the food, its about you. I enable you to change your perceptions and it works very well and is very successful, however, everyone reverts to comfort zones now and then, especially in the early days before the new habits have been formed, even afterwards sometimes and as a result we gain weight and guess what? Thats OK.

With the best of intentions at the start, lets face it we are also likely to go off track from time to time, revert to old habits and to gain weight because we are human.

It makes me sad when clients are reluctant to face me because they have gained weight and they feel ashamed. This of course is the time they need me most, to gently guide them back which I do, but this mentality is brought on by dieting and is often difficult to overcome.

I thought it would be interesting to read what the dictionary says:

SHAME: Emotion caused by consciousness of guilt or dishonour in one's conduct or state, cause of disgrace.

Please, please never feel guilty or ashamed if you ever go off track. Don't Say Diet is a journey of learning and that means ups and downs, but it is always about feeling good about yourself whatever you do.

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