Don't Feel You Are Alone


I've not written a blog for a while and it's mainly because I've been giving my self a bit of time out. I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and decided to let go of everything and just enjoy myself. That was fine the first week, I had meals out, drinks, hardly any exercise I just enjoyed myself and to be honest not much damage was done in terms of weight gain. We all need to kick back sometimes and just let go.

However, this became a a two week splurge of self indulgence when last week I continued to swerve all of my exercise classes in favour of being a full blown couch potato, with evenings in front of the TV eating all kinds of high calorie food and drinking wine.

Of course I have put on some weight and clothes are tight - you all know how this feels, it's not pleasant. However the way I feel about myself now since I started Don't Say Diet compared to how I used to feel when I had done this is very different and I'll tel you why.

I chose those two weeks of indulgence. I made that decision and I accepted the consequence before I embarked on the journey. Because of that there is no guilt, no self loathing, no recriminations, no regret. I over ate but I was in control at the same time.

Now I don't mean to sound smug, I have all the Don't Say Diet tools at my disposal and so it is easy for me to step off and back on to this way of eating, but those two weeks were once my way of life and so I understand how easy it is to fall into old habits, feeling like you have failed and therefore continuing to over eat. I started Don't Say Diet so that I can use my understanding and empathy to help as many people as possible to overcome their weight issues to get that control and to actually enjoy losing weight. So remember don't feel you are alone.

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