Food and Exercise


Exercise is a vital part of Don't Say Diet, it helps to speed up our weight loss and of course is good for our health. Some of my clients tell me that when they exercise, they eat excessively afterwards, this is a common reaction and its roots are embedded in the diet mentality.

If this is you, then ask yourself what are your reasons. Now is the time to start understanding what is driving this pattern of behaviour in order for change to take place. Consider the food and consider the exercise.


Often we are tempted to go reaching for food after a work out because we feel we have burned the calories and therefore the food intake will be neutralised and won't count. This comes from a feeling of lack or deprivation which has been hardwired into us from years of dieting. We can overcome this by thinking differently about food and concentrating on our goals. This is all part of the Don't Say Diet techniques.


If you turn to food as compensation or reward after exercising then you are viewing exercise as something to be endured rather than enjoyed and you have probably chosen something that doesn't suit you. There are many exercise options out there, don't limit yourself for example to the gym if that is not what you like doing, find something that you love and exercise will become something that you look forward to.

Just being aware of your patterns and then knowing the reasons behind them is a great start to changing your behaviour towards food and gaining control.

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