Are You Hungry When You Eat?


Some of us graze all day long, that's OK, maybe your body needs that kind of input, but if you are over weight, maybe now is the time to check out if that really suits you and if eating in an organised way may be more beneficial to losing weight.

I often ask my clients if they are hungry when they eat a meal and its amazing how many say they are not and can't remember the last time they were actually hungry.

I always say that a little hunger is not a bad thing, we don't want to be ravenous before a meal as we will be inclined to over eat, however there is nothing like feeling really ready for a lovely meal. It makes you appreciate your food and it also gives us time to digest what we have eaten previously.

I always say don't deprive yourself of anything, this also goes for not depriving yourself of the the feeling of satisfaction you will get from eating a meal you are truly ready for.

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