What Are Your Goals?


What are your goals in life? It's a good question and one which is worthy of serious thought.

If you don't write these goals down or have a plan about how to achieve them, then they become just wishes or nice to do one day and they will probably not ever become a reality.

With Don't Say Diet I encourage clients to think about all of their goals in life, not just weight loss, it has a real impact, so why not give it a go now.

Make a list of things that you would like to do or achieve in your life. Write them in bold letters, so that you can really start to pay proper attention to them, large or small things it doesn't matter. This way it makes them become visible and more possible.

Now write down next to each of them the reasons why you haven't achieved them yet and note how many are reasons and how many are excuses and can you tell the difference? Have a think about this and see what comes up in your mind, you only have to account to yourself, not to me or to anyone else so don't delude yourself.

Now make a new list, take your favourite three things and write down under each one, what it would take to achieve this i.e.: money, time whatever it is do a timeline as to how long you think it will take and then plan your journey towards it, even if you do something small once a day or week towards you goal, you will be making progress where you hadn't before.

Making things happen in your life not only makes you feel good about yourself, but it gives you control. Soon losing weight won't be an issue because you will be a new person going after what you want and getting it, including losing weight.

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