There are many reasons we over eat or eat food that doesn't aid our weight loss, but one key reason is that we haven't got a plan. We often stumble along from meal to meal, snack to snack eating what is available without any proper thought to what we are doing.

You can start to change those habits by planning what you are going to eat for the next day or if you can the next week.

Breakfast is an important part of weight loss, but you don't need a full English! A banana or yoghurt, toast, cereal, anything to kick start your metabolism will help. Have these things in and ready to go.

By taking your own lunch to work you can not only save money, but be in control of what you eat. Just plan it the night before and have the right ingredients in. If you are at home then even better.

In the evening, plan a few options so again your have choices but make sure you have what you need stocked.

Try and not go to the supermarket when you are hungry, you will buy things you fancy but don't necessarily need and you will definitely over buy.

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