Saving Calories


Once you get into the swing of taking responsibility for how you eat, and when you eat and what you eat, you will become more focused on areas where you can start to save yourself calories.

I'm not an advocate of calorie counting as I think it drives us to focus on lack, but when you become mindful and in control of your eating habits, you can assess if you really need that particular thing to eat, and because there is no deprivation, you soon feel like you don't mind leaving things.

For instance, I leave all of my crusts on sandwiches. I don't really like them and I feel that eating them is a waste of calorie intake, I eat what I enjoy most and thats the middle. I do the same with pizza. When I look at my plate at the end of the meal I see all of those dry, tasteless calories left on my plate and know that I have enjoyed the parts I liked. Also I often omit to put butter on jacket potatoes and on toast under beans. I don't notice the difference and its another saving of calories I won't miss.

There are many ways to cut calories, we may eat two rounds of toast in the mornings or two muffins or a large helping of cereal. Try cutting down to one and see if you really needed that second round or use a smaller bowl. You are still eating the same just not as much and over the weeks and months, you will have saved yourself many calories that will show when you step on the scales.

It really is worth thinking where you can cut corners on what you eat during the day, every little helps!!! :)

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