Choices and Responsibility


When we go to a diet club or organisation we are working with other people's rules, we give them responsibility for our eating plan, what we can eat and what we can't. We feel guilty if we eat something 'bad' and if we have lost weight we look to them to give us credit and make us feel good about ourselves. By doing this we are not taking responsibility for our own choices about food and this is why it doesn't work long term.

As soon as we have lost the weight we gladly revert to old eating habits and then the weight comes back.

Don't Say Diet is about empowerment, I give you the help you need to be able to do it on your own. I don't tell you what to eat, I tell you how to eat and how to make mindful choices about food.

Sometimes I have had clients who have gone off track, not followed the six steps and have gained weight they feel ashamed about coming for their next session. I have heard them say that they would come back when they had lost some weight. To me this is like going to the doctor when we feel a bit better. The time to come to me is when you feel you have lost your way and I can guide you back.

The diet mentality is hard to shift, we easily feel guilty about food and this is one of the main obstacles I face with my clients. Once we realise that we are responsible and in sole charge of the choices we make around food hen we are free. It's very liberating and it works.

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