Eating Out


Dieting often messes us up when it comes to eating out. We feel we should not go because we will over eat and gain weight, or have guilt over going and eating too much. This comes from depriving ourselves when we are on a diet.

If you think about it, eating out is a state of mind, it's no different from eating in, just different food, served up to us by a stranger. Its all about choice and responsibility.

I firmly suggest that you take the opportunity to eat out and not put it off until you have lost your weight. Life is for living and the time is now.

Firstly know that you can have what you want, there is no point in going out to eat something you think you SHOULD eat. Decide which course you like best and make sure you have room for that. Don't fill up on food that you are not that bothered about. If you love your main course then keep the other two courses light. Keep filling food like carbs to a minimum, have a taste of everything, but save yourself for your favourite. Don't allow yourself to get bloated. It's a lovely feeling when you come home from a meal and just feel satisfied. It means you took control of food, not the other way around.

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