Discover Your Habits


The best way to find out why you are over weight is to write down everything you eat, everything you do and the times of day these things take place.

For instance:

Note the time you get up, what you eat and drink in the morning.

What you might snack on mid morning or what drinks you have.

The time you eat lunch and what you drink - also if you are moving around much or sitting.

What happens in the afternoon, do you snack, do you have a school run and if so do you eat before or after or both?

What time do you have dinner and what do you eat drink? Do you have alcohol any nights of the week?

Do you exercise in the evenings, go to classes or go for a walk? Do you eat again before bedtime and what time do you go to bed?

Once you've answered these questions (honestly) you will be able to see your patterns emerging and be able to start to see where you can make meaningful changes which will help you to lose weight.

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