New: Home Group Sessions


I’m excited to tell you that I am now starting up Home Group Sessions. These sessions are run from the comfort of your own home for up to 10 people. If you and your friends are interested in losing weight with Don’t Say Diet but would rather not have a one to one session, then this is a great way to lose weight all together. It will provide mutual support as everyone will be able to encourage each other along the way.

The session will include:

An introduction to what Don’t Say Diet is all about

Weighing and measuring

A Don’t Say Diet personal diary for everyone

A different encouraging talk topic each time

Tips and techniques

Relaxing feel good visualisation exercise

Reduced price to any personal one to one sessions

Personal Sessions – One to One

Being over weight is never about the food and these personal one to one sessions are tailored to your individual needs, to help you to clear old eating patterns and habits. It also goes deeper into issues around food that have been hindering your weight loss.

These sessions include:

One to one guidance as above

Weighing and measuring

Your personal Don’t Say Diet Diary

Tips and techniques to help you

Relaxing feel good visualisation exercise and CD

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