Clearing Out the Old - (not just the clothes)


When you lose weight and drop down to the next size in clothes, it's very tempting to hold on to that larger size "just in case". I think this is a big mistake. You are telling yourself that you don't believe you will be able to maintain this weight, that you will creep back up and your large clothes are your "safety net". Much of this mentality comes from yoyo dieting, you don't expect it to last and being the size you want to be is a temporary thing.

With Don't Say Diet, you will be losing weight for the last time, I help you to release those old beliefs about weight loss. You can clear out those large size clothes along with your old ways of thinking, because you won't be needing them. The techniques I use help you to let go of the past and move whole heartedly into the now and a future where you are in control.

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