Exercise - Walking and Taking the Stairs


Exercise is a very important part of weight loss and one of my Six Steps to success and the best thing about it is that it's free.

if you are determined to get fit you will see that there are plenty of opportunities around your everyday life. Walking is great, especially if you pick up the pace. You can go alone with your thoughts, plug in some music, go with a friend or take the dog. If you can, try and walk everywhere and at every opportunity, the more you walk the better you will feel.

If you have an upstairs at home then use those stairs as much as possible, go up and down them all the time. According to the NHS website, stair climbing burns more calories per minute than jogging and counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. Research shows that taking the stairs regularly is good for strengthening your bones, and cardiovascular fitness.

Both of these activities are free, will aid your weight loss and enhance your feel good factor, so there's no excuse!

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