Self Awareness and Emotional Triggers


Being self aware is important in all aspects of our lives not just eating. It is important to know what we are feeling and why at all times of the day. For instance when you get up in the morning you should ask yourself "Am I feeling 100% good today?" If not then what is the percentage? Then ask why you are feeling less than you should. Sometimes it's something simple and once you have identified it then often you can feel a bit better. Finding a solution is the next step and that can also go a long way to making you go up towards 100%.

When it comes to eating, it is worth looking at when we are eating out of habit or for comfort. What time of day are you likely to eat more and why? Identifying the time of day is a good start, you can work out if you can change that pattern for the better. Identifying the why is actually at the root of it all. What are the feelings that drive you to eat? These are your emotional triggers and they have lead you to being overweight. Sometimes just discovering what they are is enough, they could be old feelings that you once attached to food and you have continued with out of habit, so it's easy to change. If the feeling is still current, that's Ok, you have at least identified it and you can allow the knowledge of it to sit with you whilst you understand it more. When you are ready you can start to make plans for alternative things to do at those times.

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