Planning and Change


Making changes in your life requires a bit of planning and looking ahead. I think that Don't Say Diet is often a seamless transition, you don't need to alter what you buy at the supermarket, you don't need to psych yourself up for deprivation and you don't need to join a weight loss organisation to take you through to your goal weight.

However, you do need to start thinking about your habits and the patterns of your eating. For instances, do you rush through the door after work or collecting the children and ram food into your mouth before you have almost taken your coat off? Is this because you let yourself get too hungry during the day, or is this just habit and you are not actually hungry at all?

Sit down and think about your days and what actually goes on with food. When you eat, why you eat, the quantity of food you eat and where you can reduce your portions. then you can start your planning and you will see the changes.

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